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Artportable are happy to introduce five new categories curated by our employees. Here you will find some of their favorite artists catalogued by Artportable. A great way to get inspired, discover new artistries and at the same time get to know the people behind Artportable. First out is our portfolio manager and curator Cecilia Spendler.

With a Bachelor degree in Arts Theory Cecilia have spent hours observing the great works of art created throughout history. The art movement closest to her heart is modernism, with its broadness and progressivity. Gösta Adrian Nilsson (GAN), Sigrid Hjertén, Matisse, Eugene Jansson and Siri Deckert are among her absolute favorite artists. As portfolio manager Cecilia gets the chance to discover new artistries every day, which she absolutely adores as well as getting to know the artists, their ambitions, creativity and visions. This selection of artists, varied in style and technique, caught Cecilia’s eye with their technical skill, uniqueness and range of color.

The first artist from Cecilia’s selection was a lucky discovery on Instagram. When Cecilia started working at Artportable she stumbled upon the account of Stockholm based artist Hanna Windarp, which blew her away. And of course Cecilia decided to contact her right away.

– Hanna’s portrayal of women and motherhood is lovely. Her works are dramatic and at the same time very calming, the richness in detail makes me go back again to discover something new every time.

Another painter whose portraits of women made an impression on Cecilia is Annika Berglöf. These works of art draw some resemblance to Edgar Degas and Anders Zorn, and Cecilia especially appreciates Berglöf’s brush strokes and her strong color palette.

Cecilia’s got a weak spot for artist that know their way around powerful and dominant colors. Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson’s abstract and naïve works are a perfect example of that.

– Gunnarsson is a multifaceted and humorous artist that creates with a playful mind. I really like his way of combining this style with graffiti. The colors, the youthfulness and the graffiti creates contrasts that I love.

Cecilia has found another brilliant artist that also works within this style of Naïve Art – the Norwegian artist Amalie Lybekk Andersen. Cecilia points out Lybekk Andersen’s great technique, brush strokes and her funny way of distorting the human figure as the reasons why the young painter has become one of her new favorites.

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Distorted faces often make you think of surrealism, and this is the home ground to the next artist among Cecilia’s favorites. Wolf-Dieter Köpfer has studied art in Cologne and has perfected his special style of surrealism during his life, which is highly evident in his works.

– He has this truly charming combination of a classical motives and surrealistic details. Playing with the genres he manages to create an element of surprise, like putting an octopus in a rocking chair in the middle of a barren, snowy landscape, which I adore.

From surrealism to dramatic realism – Cecilia’s next choice comes down to Finnish photographer Vesa Aaltonen. Growing up in a small Swedish town close to nature Cecilia is especially fond of Aaltonen’s depiction of the forest. How he captures the light in his photographs creates an emotional depth to the landscape. Cecilia describes Aaltonens works as modern and stylistically pure, and somewhat abstract from time to time.

If you want to discover more of Cecilia’s top picks, you will find the whole list here.

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