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About me

Who is the person behind ART – KONST -TAIDE?

Well, I am one of those sensitive souls. An introvert who isn’t especially fond of small talk and big crowds. I much rather spend time alone or together with close family and friends (animals and people). My sensitivity has made me very aware of different energies, which has led me to have a spiritually alternative outlook on Life.

This way of looking at Life is the background to all of my work as an artist. My work is about light and dark, hope and chaos, possibilities and struggle. Through my art I am trying to show that there really is more to Life than what meets the eye and that it all comes down to our own way of looking at things. The way that I see it a painting can be either a mirror or a window, which one is for the observer to decide.

I am inspired by the spiritual and ”mysterious”, by birds and nature and of the inner personal development. One of my most favorite motives to paint are birds. I’m intrigued by their ability to stay grounded and connected to the different elements, their fearlessness, grace and beauty and how they are fully aware of each moment. I also see them as symbols of growth, strength and messengers of freedom and trust.

But if I have to explain my art with just a few words it would be that with my work I hope to invite observers in to the world of windows and mirrors. What will they see?


”Huvudet vill när kroppen inte orkar” – Susanne Broända om ett konstnärskap i dimman av sjukdomen ME/CFS


Iskmo, Finland

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  • Estenom 2002
  • Aura Mediator™ 2012
  • Founder of Balanced touch™ 2014
  • Upcoming exhibitions

    • Solo exhibition journey | resa | matka, Vasa, Finland 2021
    • Group exhibition, ”Barcelona contemporary ”, Barcelona, Spain 2021

    Previous exhibitions

    • Solo exhibition (photo) En inre vandring, Nykarleby, Finland 2008
    • Group exhibition Vasa Konstnärsgilles open summer exhibition, ” Still Leben “ , Vasa, Finland, 2012
    • Group exhibition Konstens Natt, Vasa, Finland, 2015
    • Group exhibition Konstens Natt, Vasa, Finland, 2017
    • Group exhibition Österbottniska konstföreningars samutställning nr 6, Vasa, Finland, 2020
    • Solo exhibition Mirrors and windows, Vasa, Finland, 2020
    • Solo exhibition Perspektiv, Vasa, Finland, 2021


    Acrylic, ink and/or spray.


    The spiritual and ”mysterious”, birds and nature and the inner personal development.


    Current projects:

    You can order a painting from me that will be painted exclusively for you. You can choose between the dimensions 210 mm × 297 mm (A4) or 297 mm × 420 mm (A3). With your painting, you will also get a short text with a personal message for you, which comes through when I´m working on your painting.

    To order a painting, please send a recent photo of yourself to me through for instance Messenger or mail (susanne.broanda@gmail.com), please also write your name and address. NOTE. You should be 18 years or older.

    The price for your personalized and channeled painting is:
    A4 100€
    A3 150€
    + shipping

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