About me

Have lived my childhood in the North-Canadian woods, my artistic work is strongly imbued with an ecological awareness.


Visual artist since 2006, my last collection Maria Rosa was born with a desire to conscientiously immortalize flowers. Allowing bouquets to become eternal and to remember their precious moments. Inspired by the desire to design with nature while respecting it; I combine creation and preservation of memories.

Each composition is its own unique little world, a wall art piece adorned with a vegetal decor, a planet offering a new tale surrounding human being and memory.






  • 2003 | Montreal School of Jewelry, Montreal, Canada
  • 2003 | Private courses, speciality glass fusion, Gérald Collard Workshop, Montreal, Canada


Dried petals on wood


Inspired by the desire to design with nature while respecting it.


Previous exhibitions:

  • 2020 | AVA Galleria, Solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2019 | Tatinis Art Show, collective exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2014 | Cultural and Community House of Montreal Nord, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2012 | Quoi de N’Oeuf, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2011-2012 | Ka-Vie-Art Gallery, collective exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2011 | Crystal jail, Apollo Agency, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2011 | Mondial Salotti, collective exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2010 | Modern Urban Art, Desjardins Loft, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2009 | Aikawa Gallery, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2009 | Piccolo Diavolo, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada
  • 2009 | Expo Solo, Van Horne Space, solo exhibition, Montreal, Canada

Charity events:

  • 2014 |  School project, Vincent-Masse School, Secondary Group III, Montreal, Canada
  • 2013 | Joe Omobono et Julien-Ferrari funds, Longueuil, Canada
  • 2012 | The Pink Charity, Montreal, Canada
  • 2012 | Museum of Modern Art of Montreal Artsida4, Montreal, Canada
  • 2012 | Media launch d’Artsida4, Galerie dentaire, Montreal, Canada
  • 2010 | Come What May, Farha Funds, Montreal, Canada
  • 2009 | La toile en santé, Desjardins Complexe, Montreal, Canada

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