Lise-Lott ”Li-Lo” Sahlberg


About me

First of all:


Who am I?

Well, my work is me. Trying to understand, accept or sometimes with a desire to change the world, creativity is central. Most of my paintings are stories. Processing experiences often leads to a poem and if that doesn’t “help”, I paint, which means that most of my paintings also have a poem attached to it. So, from a personal perspective, I strive for embodying the general human experience often charged with the power of nature. With a norm-critical eye and with a longing for freedom and equality I reproduce what my senses tell me. The themes are time, relationships, roughness and the need to be true. Some symbols and motives are recurring and highly personal but at the same time the meaning is left to the viewer. In the eye of the beholder you know… Also, in my other professional life, I have had and still have the privilege to meet people in crisis, in change and in their perhaps most difficult period, which has helped me understand the meaning of compassion and humility and the importance of questioning norms.

Thank you for being here and I hope my work will give you something; perhaps a feeling, a new thought?

– Li-Lo


Bromma, Sweden

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Previous exhibitions:

  • Artshow, Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala 2011
  • Uppsala kulturnatt, Galleri Zeitgeist, Uppsala, 2019
  • +Const – 10–16 juni 2016. Galleri Riddaren, Köpmanbrinken 8, Gamla stan
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    My portfolio shown at Artportable consists mainly of acrylics. However, there are some aquarelles, as well as a piece from my series of artwork on metal sheets where I use materials as eggshell, scrap metal, rust and sand.


    Life & living! Play goes hand in hand with the desire to describe the world as it is in its pain and wonder.

    Current projects:

    • Li-Lo Sahlberg kommer ha en pop-up utställning i Uppsala saluhall 26 februari till 4 mars. Mer info och möjligheter att ställa frågor finns på Li-Los hemsida Gallerililo.info eller Instagram
    • Ongoing exhibition at Biograf Kaskad Blackebergsplan 3, 168 49 Bromma
    • Ongoing and and recurrent at Gallerizeitgeist exhibitions at Uppsala Saluhall

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