Basil Usher


About me

My relationship with art has been influenced by the environment and society where I grew up. An apartheid era, in Rhodesia now renamed Zimbabwe. There were many protests, uprisings against the establishment, for it afflicted the masses with segregated laws which led me to participate in these protests.

In my neighborhood, there were a couple of back street workshops where one could learn the basics in screen printing, painting, sculpture. From these backyard workshops, I learned more than just basic pen pencil on paper. My participation was printing slogans on protest t-shirts with African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Kwami Nkuruma, Malcom X.
The visual art form interested and inspired me to search beyond the negative portraying of everything around me.


Helsinki, Finland

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Currently studying interior design


Acrylic, stone, metal, fabric prints, etc.


Most of my paintings depict the Zimbabwean countryside with the traditional thatched house. It’s a perfect eco-friendly house that not only suits the climate but the landscape too. Simple and at peace. The inner soul and my totem moyo; the heart.

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