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Drammen, Norge

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Ja. Boka en tid med mig så jag är på plats



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Jeg har tre år tegne/form/farge på videregående. Har gått i lære og er nå selv privat-lærer i kunstsammenheng.

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6 separatutstillinger i Spania, men har stilt ut med andre i flere land


Forskjellig. Maleri, collage, skulpturer, land-art, street-art, performance


Listen er endeløs! Hovedsaklig musikk, men også en rekke kunstmalere. Musikkverdenen er altomfattende, men hvis jeg må velge sjanger er det folk, EBM, IDM, rock n’ roll, klassisk, gammel blues, ekte country, synthpop, pønk, electronica i alle former, jazz och svensk punk!


This is an artwork that is now closing in on 4000 different elements, mostly things I have put together carefully at home. My goal is to make people finding this to stop for two minutes and maybe make them smile in times of fear, paranoia and isolation. This is outside the train-station in Drammen and it is legal streetart. The police and the Town Hall think it is a very nice project and the people passing buy when I work all come with positive comments!

Because all concerts, cultural happenings etc was cancelled or delayed they put every poster down so I got the idea to decorate it with things that hopefully will make people happy; pictures of good food, the holidays they have to wait for, cute pets, movies that they can`t watch in the cinema, favorite musicians and painters and loads more. I also give away free CDs and a lot of people actually have CD-players at home and or/in their car…

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