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Born into a large Swedish artistic family where painting, handicraft and design was always a natural part of my life.

I have during a long life lived near oceans and lakes and always near nature, saved and registered memories in an inner portfolio to draw from.

I paint in oil with a special interest for the reflections in nature, the shadows and the light.

The beauty and harmony in nature reflect in all of the pictures.

To paint in oil makes me happy and fills me with an inner peace.

I paint with fingers, brushes, knife and I am filled with the joy of creating and am constantly amazed that the painting has a life of its own.

Often it starts with an idea or a feeling of colours that develop during the work to something magic. I never quite know where it will end.

It gives me great joy if others can appreciate my art but the reason I paint is merely for my own pleasure.
/Lo Fehrling


Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design, Konstindustriskolan, Gothenburg
Artistic work for official buildings and companies
Amongst others: Kungsbacka City Hall and Volvo AB


Designer for Gustav Werner AB
Designer for Gamlestaden-Strömma AB
Designer for Saxylle- Kilsund AB


Founder and designer of a print-shop for interior textiles and clothes. Frequent customers: IKEA and Bredenberg Deparment Stores

Advisor for EBRD in Latvia (Education of fashion design teams within the TAM-project)

Founder and manager of Idé Design AB in Gråbo, Sweden. Design, manufacturing and distribution of ladies fashion. The company owned a production facility in Kaliningrad, Russia, and a chain of 12 retail-stores placed in different cities in Sweden. Sold 2009.


Paintings in oil to be exhibited in various art galleries.


Rossocinabro gallery, Rome, Italy

1st International Biennale, Ariston Theater, Sanremo, Italy

Art Art - Armando Xhomo Gallery, Florence, Italy

Swedish/French Art society, Paris, France

Gallery Riddaren in the Old Town of Stockholm

Artportable, Stockholm, Sweden

Kungsbacka Konstsalong, Kungsbacka, Sweden

Oceanhamnen Art Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden

Nordic Savings Bank in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Rhöska Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Handicraft Society in Stockholm, Sweden

The Ministry of Education Art Society in Stockholm, Sweden

Gallery Nykvarn, Sweden

The House of Culture in Kungsbacka, Sweden

The Oxelösund Steelworks Art Society, Sweden


1st International Prize DONATELLO, Florence, Italy
International Prize LEONARDO DA VINCI, Milan, Italy
International Prize MICHELANGELO, Rome, Italy
The Strars of Art and Market, Rome, Italy


Volvo AB

Gustav Werner AB

Stenberg & Flygt AB

Hasselblads Photographic AB

Gävleborg Hospital

Borås Central hospital

Sarabolaget AB

Svenska Strömberg AB

Alfa Laval AB

The Academic Hospital in Uppsala

Michigan State University

The Federation of Swedish Industry

The Insurance company Skandia

Scanraff AB

Ersta Diakonissanstanstalt, private hospital in Stockholm

The City of Trosa Health Centre

Swedish Church in London

Swedish Church in Strängnäs

Swedish Film industry

The British cultural attaché in Stockholm

The City of Visby Parish House

The Swedish Church in Las Palmas

The Swedish Church in Toronto

The Swedish Church in Sydney

Telia/Sonera Telephone Company

The Hospital Art Sociaty in the City of Västerås

ICA Art Society in the City of Västerås

The Dentist House in the City of Trosa

Kungsbacka Community Hall

AMS Art Society in the City of Halmstad

The County Council in the Region of Halland

The Lövängs School in the City of Kungsbacka

Oxelösunds Steelworks Art Union

Community hall in the City of Kungsbacka

Wiltshire Breweries in England

Private clients

More than 50 private individuals have bought paintings during the last 5 years.

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