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I have received a various kind of education and tuition during the last 30 years. I draw and paint because I enjoy it, finding a non spoken language of my own. The creative process from the idea to the closing of the work makes every day life rich.
Editor of the danish Kunstavisen and art reviewer at Jyllandsposten has made a review of my work.
Amongst other things he says : Karen Mølgaard is not a romantic nature swarms in the way, sensitive artist souls from the golden age made sensitive North Zealand landscapes. And yet, behind the forcefull paintings of man made towering lighthouses, stormy weather, moving water, whipping rain and one-legged tin soldier, hides an artist with a lot on her mind, strong feelings, exuberant imagination and a deep respect and empathy for the nature we humans are still inextricably linked to.
- Tom Jørgensen, art reviewer at Jyllands Posten, editor of Kunstavisen, about Karen Mølgaards art work.

As for my exhibitions in 2023, please look up the dates and places on my web.site: www.kamol.dk

If you want to get in contact, please send me a mail .
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