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When I was retired two years ago l thought: What now? Is it really my turn to do what I want? Obviously painting was the answer.
So I started playing with acrylic paint on the canvases, attended several classes to see how my creativity could work out and give me the results that I wanted.
What I have learned so far, is that strong colours gives me the boost I need. They make me happy in a way. I struggle more when I try to make pastel coloured paintings.

My aim is to make paintings that give the feeling of “eye candy “ to the viewer. Something they easily love to bring in their houses and hearts.

Who am I? Born in 1954, lives in Oslo. My husband and I are married for nearly 50 years. We are blessed with two sons and three grandchildren. They all bring so much love and joy into our lives.

I have been working with public administration, sales, IT-solutions and teaching before retirement.
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