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Rene Jacobsen


"Art, pictures and music have always been an important part of my life, and as a very young person, I was faced with the choice between a formal education with a good pension and good salaries, or the more uncertain artistic path."

"I chose the teacher education supplemented with a few university educations and master's educations in management. A working life in the Continuing and High School world, with management as a focus, became my working life path. The brushes were dried, the guitar drew dust and the piano was sold. But after going through a somewhat tumultuous period in my life, with sharp shifts in the work situation and a violent family event, I changed my life.

I now live on Samsø, where I can use the time, calm and the island's fantastic aura and atmosphere to find brushes and canvases again. I have now been painting for 3 years, following some exciting courses, including from MOMA in NY, and changed my mindset. I have had the courage to challenge the canvases with strong colors and shapes.

The paintings are most often figurative abstractions with the possibility of narrative interpretations. I have not bound myself to a particular technique, but am very much inspired by Mark Rothko and Gerhard Richter. Two very different nonfigurative abstract artists.

My color choice is strong colors, but with dark contrapuntal depths. It is the viewer who has to make the interpretation and analysis from their point of view, so even though I usually have an idea from the white blank canvas to the finished painting, I do not share this, as it often destroys the viewer's opportunities for his own interpretation. "I do not want to say anything with my paintings, and I do all the time" Free by Gerhard Richter."


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