Einar Larz Jónsson – To be creative is a higher state of consciousness


Einar Larz Jónsson’s photography is profound yet playful, showcasing a kaleidoscopic portrait of nature’s many artifacts. In this interview, the Icelandic photographer reflects on his artistry and the year 2021 so far.

– I have no education in photography and to tell you the truth I am not very technical with my camera, I can improve there. But I have a good eye, a sense for color, forms and texture. I try to see the world as I have never seen it before and I do not have a fixed mindset about what will look good. I am open to any material because beauty can be found in unlikely places.


Larz proves that education is of little importance when faced with such an alluring muse as nature itself.

– Icelandic nature is my main inspiration. It's very powerful and all the elements affect me. Music is important and is a big part of my creative side. I am also fascinated by things that are old and have served their purpose.

He has a gift for finding patterns and beauty in things that others may overlook, resulting in the viewer finding themself intimately acquainted with the prismatic colors and alluring shapes that adorn, for example, regular stones.

– I want the photos to create a strong visual effect and at the same time connect with our imagination. The images can help us get an insight into the mysterious world that surrounds us. The pictures are mostly abstract and are open to interpretation. Whereas I see something very particular, you might see something completely different, and that is interesting. I just hope the pictures may cause new connections and help people to feel and imagine.

– Wonder is usually a sentiment that comes from those who see my work and people often believe that my photos are paintings. Many speak about 3D effects, motion and depth. Some say they are spiritual. People are also surprised to hear where they were shot and and the material they are made of. The more you look the more you see.

While it may take some time to find the perfect shot, Jónsson’s photography proves that the wait is worthwhile.

– I have been taking pictures in the southwest of Iceland lately. Sometimes I find a lot of material to shoot but sometimes it's just a good walk. I try to be open and have the idea that I can find a perfect picture anytime anywhere. Don ́t judge, be patient, just look carefully and the image will find you.

Learning about the art of Einar Larz Jónsson is delightful for anyone curious about exploring reality, truth and love. It is also an invitation to the artist's own personal journey.

– Art gives me peace and quiet while I am working on it. I am calm, focused and I feel connected to something when I am alone with my camera. My creative goals are to find more images before they vanish and try to better understand how my subconscious is guiding me.

This year has proven to bear a lot of fruit for Larz – in terms of career, as well as personal growth.

– 2021 has been a milestone. It's the year I decided to believe in myself as an artist. I opened up the website www.larz.is, did an exhibition called Perception in Reykjavík and another called Mystery in Duus museum Reykjanesbær. Then something big came and I was offered to show my art in a gallery called Rosso Cinabro in Rome, Italy and to participate in New York art-expo Manhattan 2022. Then to top off this amazing year I will show my work in Artportable gallery Södermalm Stockholm 27-31 December 2021.

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