Monica Charlott Rundqvist


About me

“Grandma always said,

‘There’s only one side of the story that comes out, all the boys and the heroes, but no one talked about the poor girls.’

Trained as a yoga teacher and has a background from the model and advertising industry, personal supervisor and leader in sales, school and teaching. Monica was born in Stockholm and moved to Norway when she was 4 years old and has since been preoccupied with existential issues. Moving from Rinkeby and far out into the country in Norway came as a shock that aroused an existential quest. Throughout her childhood, she has drawn and been preoccupied with God and the big question – what do I do here. Driven by a feeling of homesickness has given rise to an inner quest and led her to India and it is through yoga that her interest in painting art began.

In 2014, she moved to Eskilstuna in Sweden and experiences that her body said more and more that yoga was not her ultimate goal and she started working at a primary school. The meeting with refugee children and their stories is the origin of her simple and childlike illustrations in the book “Liberation, a road map to your inner self” by author and lifecoach Kristian Fredheim, that says; – “When I illustrated the book The Liberation by Kristian Fredheim in 2020 it aroused a strong fire and I am still inspired by the team. My artistic travel voice originates from a place and desire and need to illuminate freedom, peace & strength.

I think the most important insight for me so far in this life and that has led me to where I am now is: – “I have chosen this life to make me aware”. For anyone who struggles or does not find meaning or his life task or does not make it go up, the sentence, is a call and a guideline. I know I manifest all the time, everything around us is a mirror to remind us of how we define our own value in this moment. We can say what we want to ourselves, but our integrity knows.

The phrase “I have chosen this life to make me aware” is an important mantra for me. Do you dare take it inside you and breathe it into every cell? I’m sure something is released when we let this sentence absorb all our egos at once. ”

In 2018, Monica moved back to Norway and started working in child welfare and kindergarten as an educator and has since 2019 concentrated full time on art and has 2 exhibitions planned in 2022 in Norway and in her hometown Stockholm. Sje is also in the process of illustrating book number 2 for Kristian Fredheim.

About her new direction in life and artist life, Monica says:

“Who would have thought that I would completely take away from buying painting equipment, or stay awake because I’m so looking forward to getting up and finishing a picture. When I started painting 4 years ago it was an experiment, I needed something colorful to the yoga room, but never thought I would replace the yoga room with art “






  • Norwegian Visual Artist, illustrator and songwriter.


Acrylic, mixed media & oil



Subconsciousness, pop culture, fashion, music, street art, & meditation


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