Minna Pärttö


About me

For me making art is mostly an intuitive process. I just go with the flow – and the colours, the composition, the methods will follow. I am most authentic when I paint, it is about being totally present in the moment.

Natural and neutral tones are characteristic of my art. I think beauty is found in everything. I am fascinated by layers and textures that bring a certain deep and dimension to paintings.



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M.Soc.Sc, art therapy studies


Acrylic on canvas


Details found in the nature and also rough industrial looks.

Previous exhibitions:

  • Kouvola, Finland. Kahviputiikki Papulaari. 1.11.-31.12.2020.
  • Hamburg, Germany. ”309 Days in (57 to go)”. Group exhibition. Azaro Art Spaces. 5.10.-25.10.2020.
  • Madrid, Spain. Group exhibition. Galeria Azur Madrid. 22.10.-22.11.2020.
  • Milan, Italy/ New York, USA. ”Define the Line”. Online groupshow curated by Alessandro Stein. 15.10.-25.10.2020.
  • Helsinki, Finland. Tunteista taidetta. Abstract art exhibition. Lapinlahden Lähde. 1.10.-29.10.2020.
  • Milan, Italy. International Contemporary Art Exhibition ”DressME 2020”. 17.-30.9.2020.
  • Kouvola, Finland. Art association Anjalankosken Taideseura 40 years. Art exhibition. Anjala Manor. 5.7.-2.8.2020.
  • Helsinki, Finland. “Yksi on vuodessa kesä”. Art exhibition. Gallery Fogga. 27.6.-16.7.2020.
  • Milan, Italy. International contemporary art exhibition “20.20”. Gallery M.A.D.S.
  • Milano.19.6.-3.7.2020.

Current projects:

  • Bruxelles, Belgium. International Contemporary Art Fair ”Bruxelles Art Fair”. Van Gogh Art Gallery. (Postponed)
  • Paris, France. International Contemporary Art Fair ”Art3f Paris”. Galeria Gaudi. (Postponed)
  • Kuusankoski, Finland. ”As Time Goes By”. Galleria Pääty, Kuusankosken Taideruukki. 7.-28.3.2021.
  • London, UK. International Contemporary Art Exhibition. ”Art For Art’s Sake 4.” Virtual Artist. 28.2.2021.
  • Genova, Italy. Contemporary Art Exhibition ”Traffic”. CAD, Divulgarti. 15.1.-29.1.2021.

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