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About me

Jaana Koskivaara-Coniel was born 1963 in Turku Finland. Half of her life she has spent in France, South Africa and Andorra. In 1986 she graduated in Paris with a diploma of Fashion designer from the school of Chambe Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Later she moved with her family to South Africa and worked in his husband’s publishing company as an international service coordinator. In those days they bought a 600 hectares wildlife farm. They converted it into a safari game lodge. Meanwhile Jaana got fascinated with South African visual arts and started to decorate the bungalow walls with the African painting techniques and
motives. Full-bodied colors of the African sky, landscape and soil made an inedible influence on her. In the meantime the African ceramic designing overwhelmed her and resulted with an own collection of ceramic tableware and decoration items, later exposed at sales exhibitions. Few years later, after having relocated into South West of France, she carried on her ceramic production and opened a ceramic studio. Since 2015 Jaana has finally settled in Merimasku a beautiful site in South West Archipelago of Finland. Return to motherland, current Finnish trends of modern art are calling.

Jaana Koskivaara-Coniel – Förändringar under fjärilars vingslag på resan mellan Finland och Sydafrika


Merimasku Finland

Studio visits:

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Diploma of fashion design studies from Chamber Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, in Paris France 1984-86.

Visual Merchandising in Helsinki Design School Feb. – Dec. 2018

Previous Exhibitions:

Various sales expos of table ware ceramics in South Africa Pretoria home studio during 1997-1999 and in Cape Town 2003. Maison & Objet 11/2001 and 02/2002.

Art Exhibition with my paintings 11/2018 in Naantalin Taidehuone ( The Art Room of Naantali, Finland).



I am painting with chalk and acrylic paint on canvas.
Coming end of the year 2019 Ceramic art. Techniques: slip casting, clay modeling, painting on clay and glazing.​


10 years in South Africa has giving me so much inspirations in my previous ceramic work. African warm colors are still an inspiration in my paintings.

I trust my intuition and thru that I getting most of my ideas.


Current projects:

I will carry my painting work and same time I am starting the ceramic art work again. I am currently trying new ideas to express myself with the

ceramic work. I have a plan for ceramic courses where people could open their creativity and to get good basics how to work with clay.



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