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”As a professional artist that delves to go beyond the traditional to create her own singular form of expression, Britt-Marie Tidemand has cultivated a presence that is to be admired, respected, and studied. From start to finish, she has taken her artistry to new heights and shared it internationally in her own way, and on her own terms.

In this exclusive interview, Tidemand gets introspective as she shares her perspectives on how her background has shaped her artistic spirit, how her creative process is shaped, the role of artists in society, the transformative experiences she has gone through, and much more. ”

Citat; Article in Art Dealer Street (New York artnews ) Jan 8 2021





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My teacher in drawing said that creativity is part of one’s character. He thought that I had a gift and believed that I had it in me. I’m mostly self-taught. I have taken classes from an educated artist in the evenings and I share a small studio with some other artists.



I can have a clear picture what to express from my thoughts and impressions from watching a movie, the news, flipping through newspapers. I also paint abstract, it start with wanting to find shades of color and shape by sketching with a brush, knife or other tools. Maybe sand, fabric in the board.


Great art has always come, and will always come, from within. It will always be based on the story the artist wants to convey. I attach great importance in the light, it gives the image a deeper feeling and makes it easier to look at the image. Humans experiences, and emotions in their stories.




  • Solo 2020 one in May Sweden one in Sep New York and one Nov Denmark.
  • 2022 together with other artists in April New York and 2023 a solo in Feb New York.


  • 2008-2020 four solo exhibition in Sweden and two in Denmark
  • 2015-2020 five exhibition with other artists in Sweden

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