Anne Olga Vea


About me

I am Norwegian and a bit of a creative mess with tons and tons of ideas. I paint, write and draw. I got inspired to paint space art a few years ago and have used that technique ever since, it is a very nice technique since the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

I also write and have self published about 30 titles by now, most in Norwegian but also two novels and some short story collections in English. I write fantasy. My jewelry business is also something i started with many years ago. I use as much stones as possible, hematite, jet and so on, and good glass/crystal beads.
I only make one of each piece, and they are all unique.

Otherwise from that I also love nature, hiking and photography, I live in a very rural area and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Brøttum, Norway



Social media:

Website. Here I have a web shop for jewellery and there are links to my books. I do also show off some of my photo’s and my fantasy and sci fi art.


I have some Art education from a year at an open college, besides that I am self-taught.



I mostly paint art inspired by space. The technique is a mix of different methods and is based on spray paint, acrylics and sometimes things like glitter and gold/silver paint. The canvas is painted black with acrylics and the background is added using spray paint. The foreground is acrylics.


Life in general, often nature and things I read, hear or see. I am very easily inspired.

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