Artist depicted: Ulrika Melin

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It started as a hobby and you thought that was it. As time went by the appreciative words of friends and family, and your growing number of artworks at home indicated something more. But how to find art buyers? And how to tell them your artistic story in an efficient way?

Artportable is a platform designed to help artists present their artworks in a professional and accessible way. By joining Artportable you give yourself the opportunity to be seen by art buyers, galleries and fellow artists. You are invited to a large community and best of all everyone will be able to reach out to you. 

We will guide you through the process of creating a portfolio that truly stands out. In your portfolio you will select up to 16 artworks that represent your artistry. It does not matter if the artworks are old or new, available or sold; they should simply be your favourite artworks. We will give you tips on how to take photographs of your artworks and our portfolio manager will make sure that every image is presented in the best way possible. When uploading your images you will fill out a questionnaire which will be featured in your portfolio. This is where you will let visitors know about your background, techniques, inspirations and more.

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As a new member you will be presented on our Facebook page, a great starting point for your digital marketing strategy. On our Facebook page over 26 000 art buyers, artists and art lovers come together. Join the discussion and support fellow artists to make valuable connections. By sharing your portfolio link you will invite the world to explore your world.

As a portfolio member at Artportable we give you the opportunity to explore a range of marketing products that will help you in your artistic career. An article that tells your story, a video that shows your artistic skills, or a social media campaign to attract new visitors from a chosen area. We help you to reach your personal art goals! 

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