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Discovering the Spiritual Essence Through the Art of Åsa Schick


Åsa Schick is a Swedish artist who has exhibited in countries that include the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Qatar, and Korea. Her paintings can be found in public and private collections, such as the William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation, in New York, and the Fantasia Museum, in Korea. She has exhibited internationally in group and solo shows since 2008. She is represented by the Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Francisco, where she will have a solo show from June 18 through August 31, 2024, with the opening reception on June 22, 2024.

Even before art became the principal force in her life, Schick's education was impressive. She received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Southern California and took graduate studies in psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles. During this time, painting and drawing was private methods of expression for Schick. Only when she decided to pursue her passion more formally did she begin showing her pieces in public.

As she started to exhibit her work, other artists, gallery owners and collectors proved to be seminal influences on her career by encouraging her to hone her talent by studying. She applied to the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, was awarded a full scholarship, and moved to New York with her young son. In the four years that followed, she completed her Master’s in Fine Art and a year of post-graduate studies.

Schick continues to exhibit internationally and divides her time between Sweden and the U.S.

Pathways to Spirit, 2020, Oil on canvas, 10 pieces of 116x89 cm each, Sold

Combining Creativity and Spirituality

Schick draws inspiration from nature, non-ordinary states of consciousness and lucid dreaming to capture her vision on canvas. She explores and uses a variety of techniques and media such as oils, tempera, ink, watercolor, beeswax, and charcoal to achieve her desired feel in each painting.

Having been mesmerized by the metaphysical world since she was a teenager, Schick feels that painting unifies her with the nonphysical world and provides the opportunity to capture nature, and the essence of the spiritual, in all its incomparable beauty.

She travels often and paints in local settings to document the energy of a given location. She also undertakes commissions where she works closely with each client to reach a result that is both true to her vison and within the scope of the assignment.

Color, Geometry, Light, and Rhythm

Schick uses an intuitive and emotional process to produce her art. She responds to what she sees and feels to create a dance with color. There is an underlying architecture in her work that is revealed by the geometry in space and on the surface. Her goal is to create a poetic place where color, light, geometry, and rhythm intertwine in harmony and invite the viewer to have their own adventurous experience of exploring the painting. By forging a connection with the spiritual and the natural worlds, she offers a unique perspective on the beauty that surrounds us all.

Unleash Your Creativity

Committed to both her craft and her desire to nurture the next generation of artists, Schick's art courses are designed to inspire and teach anyone who has an interest in creating art. With her experience of conducting classes and workshops, she now offers online and in-person classes.

She is an attentive, curious, open-minded, and creative teacher who hopes to help her students develop an understanding of their own inspirations and encourage them to explore different means of expression. As an individual with an open heart, Schick is able to provide meaningful feedback and advice for those looking to expand their artistic knowledge and skills.

For exhibition information and to learn more about Schick's art classes: asaschick@me.com         www.asaschick.com

Bridge of Hope, 2019, Oil on canvas, 28x28 cm, Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Fransisco

Currently exhibited at Konstnärshusets Medlemsutställning at Eldhunden in Bromma, Sweden: Exhibition dates: April 29 - May 20, 2023.

All in One - One in All, 2023, Tempera & oil on canvas, 80x80 cm

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