The month Edin Dzanic sold his first artwork he took a brave leap of faith and decided to focus full time on his art. He has now been working as a professional artist for over ten years. ”To paint is an exploratory journey where I can express myself and my emotions. It is a way to to transfer my energy to the canvas”, Edin says.

Edin started drawing at an early age and even back then his motifs were portraits of women. His goal was always to capture their sensuality, mystique and strength. After his university studies Edin started experimenting with different techniques and painting styles and then he really fell in love with art again.

Edin paints with acrylic and oil, sometimes incorporating acrylic inks and spray. His artworks are characterised by colourful splatters of paint, a feature that almost have become a trademark of his. ”It usually feels unfinished unless I add that wild splatter. It doesn’t feel like me”, he explains. However, he has to be careful because a wrongly placed splatter can destroy the artwork completely.

Depending on the motif Edin places his canvas on the floor or on a wall while working. His most important tools are a spray bottle filled with water and a kitchen sponge. Paint brushes, masking tape and various different techniques that he has picked up over the years help him find the right expression for each painting. ”It’s only imagination and creativity that sets the limits”, Edin says.

Edin has studied art, but he likes to go his own way. He says that he tries to keep it real and offer the viewer the chance to view his art without preconceptions. He doesn’t want to affect the viewers with merits or past exhibitions, instead he wants them to see the painting and completely form their own opinions. ”I don’t try to please everyone. The ones that fall in love with my art continue to want that experience. I’m happy to see them return to me for more artworks”, he says.

Edins women are often facing away from the viewer which leaves her identity up to imagination. Perhaps you see yourself in her, or someone close to you. To convey strength and charisma one does not need to see her face, the body language says just as much. Edin adjusts the art motifs according to his personal taste and current ideas. Sometimes the artworks are dark and sometimes very colourful, his mood transfers to the canvas. A painting can express strength and darkness or playfulness and colour. These elements are different parts of a woman’s character in general, but they are also different parts of Edin. ”It can connect to how I want to be or how I want to feel”, Edin says. ”I could have chosen to express these elements in any personas, perhaps men or even horses or elephants. My way of painting would have been the same regardless. The choice to paint women was an aesthetic one and personally I think this is the way I can express myself in the best way. These women have followed me throughout my art career.”

The women depicted often have wild untamed hair that is filled with colours and brush strokes. Edin once asked his social media followers if they could describe the hair in one word, and he got hundreds of different words sent to him. He thinks that the messy hair reflects thoughts and emotions that are running around in one’s head. ”I am myself very distracted by thoughts and I have a lot to say. I can’t really put it into words but I can show it through my paintings”, he explains.

Edin prefers to find inspiration outside of the art world. He takes walks, plays guitar and goes fishing, but he tries to stay away from art exhibitions so he won’t be affected by other’s artworks. ”Many artists struggle to find their own style, but I found my style early on and I have kept that style for over ten years”, he says. With this style he has already created a strong base in Sweden, and he has used his time to grow his techniques and skills as an artist. Now he is ready to expand and is looking forward to finding new homes for his paintings in Europe.