Love, a four letter word with endless interpretations. Whether it is the love of nature, animals, people, or art, its safe to say that love is a powerful catalyst of peace. Here are some of the artworks and artists we think express this feeling with a vivid and exuberant touch!

Colors of Love

Rose de l arborete IV, Watercolor, Aase Birkhaug


In the language of colors within the kingdom of Roses, pink is the color of grace, sophistication, and elegance. Pink Roses are also known to symbolize platonic love and friendship. The pink rose is also thought to mean a new beginning love and admiration, it has a more gentle meaning than their red counterpart.

→Aase’s portfolio

Värme by Erica Strand


This painting, called ”Värme”, which means ”Warmth” in Swedish, is a bright and joyous testament of love.

→Erica’s portfolio

Artwork by Cicilie Svanem

Cicilie Svanem captures a romantic summer evening in this fantastic piece, where a couple is seen holding their arms around each other looking at the view that is covered by serene sunlight.

→Cicilie’s portfolio

Artwork by Darek Uhrberg

This painting by Darek Uhrberg include a range of colors, signifying the different emotions associated with love.


→Darek’s portfolio

Love for Animals

Drängen by Maria Ringström


A grateful farmer hugging one of his beloved cows in the fields. 


→Maria’s portfolio

Artwork by Lilian Grandell


A young woman is seen petting and caressing a smiling elephant. 


→Lilian’s portfolio

Hilmer och Creamer by Raija Gustafsson


A joyous boy holding a cat in his arms, a beautiful portrait of stillness and tranquility.


→Raija’s portfolio

Loving Someone

Wedding day by Anna Bergman

Wedding day, a painting of a bride and a groom taking a bath on their wedding day


→Anna’s portfolio

Artwork by Maria Eklöw Bosaeus


A girl and a boy walks through a colorful garden, surrounded by cherry blossom. A happy figurative painting.

→Maria’s portfolio

Nature is Love

Nybörjan by Caroline Roberts


An expressive figurative painting that blurs the line between the human body and the nature surrounding it.


→Caroline’s portfolio

Watercolor Artwork by Marie Andersson

Watercolor Artwork by Marie Anderson


These serene and vibrant watercolor paintings are fresh insights into the mind of artist Marie Andersson. Born, raised and living in Östersund, north of Sweden, a number of her paintings display a love for the winter wonderland and the calming landscapes of Norrland.


→Marie’s portfolio

Artwork by Miro (Miroslava) Pintaric


A depiction of a man and woman, surrounded by plants and birds, a heart is seen in the center of the painting.


→Miro’s portfolio

Artwork by Gunny Brorby


Gunny Brorby expresses the symbiotic relationships in the world, seen in the paintings are animals, people, plants, and a melange of colors, peacefully existing together.


→Gunny’s portfolio 


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