Artportable is not a gallery. Instead the platform provides tools for artists who want to spread their art. Artportable’s portfolio tool is used by artists in various stages. Today, there are 10,000 thousands of works of art collected in over 900 artist portfolios. The service is similar to American Dribbble and Behance. As a complement, Artportable has its own editorial team that edits and curates each artist’s portfolio.

The visitor has direct access to contemporary art without having to register or create a Login. The artist can be contacted directly. Artportable appeals to buyers in art associations because the catalog is constantly growing with new artists and because no commission is imposed on purchases. Original works can in many cases be found for less than EURO 700 which is often seen as a limit for buyers in art associations.

Artportable has offices and Showroom at Åsögatan 176 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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