Spring is the time of emerging flowers and blooming trees, calm but bright natural colors, and the return of the sun.

Here are some of the artworks we think captures the feeling and oeuvre of spring.

Artwork by Torhild Frøydis Eid

Artwork by Torhild Frøydis Eid


The abstract and contemporary style of Torhild Frøydis Eid is displayed in these works.
Spring is often associated with birdsong and emerging flowers, something that is found in these two paintings.

→Torhild’s portfolio

Artwork by Suzanne Sjödin


Three birds, flying in the orange watercolor painted sunlight. A picture many people can relate too, often seen in spring when 
 flocks of birds come back from migrating during the winter.

→Suzanne’s portfolio

Artwork by Stina G Olsson


One of the colors closely associated with spring is yellow, a color and a feeling that is 
embodied in this work by Malmö based artist Stina G Olsson.

Stina’s portfolio

Photo by Bengt Andreasson


The spring is also known for animals re-appearing in nature, as seen in this picture.
The red fox changes its fur in the fall, to survive during the winter.
Two wild foxes are seen in a semi green forest, gazing out over the landscape.

Bengt’s portfolio

Artwork by Leif Nyland

Artwork by Leif Nyland


In these two works of sun and tranquility, Leif Nyland carefully paints the scenery 
so that the sun acts as a catalyst of calmness.


”The spring haze.
The scent already in the air.
The moon and ume”
– Matsuo Basho 


?? We wish you a pleasant and bright spring! ??