Walfrido Valera


Om mig

I am an artist who captures moments and feelings. Behind my motives there is a story; the motive is often a pretext. I think that art modifies and helps to understand life, therefore my art is not only an object to hang but I propose reflections. My mission is to evoke emotions, memories, and plant fantasies, provoke an encounter with your own. Arts with feelings that connect you with your soul. If you are one of those who likes to contemplate life, travel to your inner and build dreams, then my work connects with you. My work is playful and spontaneous and its characters and motives will guide you on an introspective journey. I was born on the Island of Youth and then I moved to Havana before settling in Stockholm. Spending my childhood surrounded by books and nature it became part of my inspiration. Sometimes I feel that child when my house was a boat and my island the whole world. Literature and drawing have impassioned me since my childhood but it was the art school and the architecture studies that trained me artistically. The process is fundamental in my work, is to throw up, like emptying myself of accumulated and fermented ideas. I like diversity and development so I keep innovating with different materials and techniques. Now I am focused on sharing my cultural experience with my community, participating in events, fairs and art exhibitions. But you can always find me there, in my atelier, doing what I like most, enjoying the process.



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Ja. Boka en tid med mig så jag är på plats.



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Elementary level of art, architecture´s school.






Literature and life.



Permanent exhibition on my studio, curatorship and renting the gallery for exhibitions.

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