Victoria Wånsander


About me

My art is a platform where people can meet their inner voice. I want people to wake up. To stand still and breathe for a minute or two. I want people to ask questions to themselves that they usually don’t ask. Why they are put on this earth. What they aspire to accomplish. I want them to search for their own answers to the questions they haven’t thought of before. I want to encourage honesty between people. Letting people start their inner dialogue by shutting down the outside world. Thus, making the experience their own through their own eyes by being left alone in front of my art.

I believe that every human being deserves to find their purpose in life. I also believe that our lives are filled with meaning, but it’s up to us to write our own narrative. Through my art I lead the way, opening up and sharing the hidden parts of myself, to reach out and touch people in order for them to get a sense of their inner self.

When I let go of any control and preconceived ideas there’s an unlimited force of expression that is transmitted through my body to my canvas. The force urges me to let it go and to let it be free from any constraints. I’ve learned to master my intuition and open the door to the deepest parts of myself. Every session that I have with my canvas is a journey that I don’t know the ending for. My purpose is to share this journey with others.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Studio visits:

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My subconscious mind

Current projects:

  • Exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre,Paris October 2019
  • Exhibition at ArtExpo New York, New York, October 2020
  • Exhibition at Restaurang Piano, Lerum May 2020
  • VMWart Experience art, fall 2020, Gothenburg

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