Victoria Curling Eriksson


About me

Victoria grew up and went to school in Bath, a city that she still visits often and loves dearly. After completing a degree in Biotechnology BSc (Honours), Victoria started working with international Clinical Trials, which allowed her to travel extensively. It was after her move to Sweden that Victoria decided to change her career totally and attended a Swedish Art school for 2 years.

Following her time at Art college she studied to became a qualified certified life coach, which has given her enormous inspiration for her art-work.

Victoria´s artwork is greatly inspired by the swedish landscape. Every day she walks her dogs and is constantly inspired by the different landscapes, lights and seasonal changes.


Bäckabo, Sweden

Contact info:



Biotechnology BSc ( hons) Du Monfort University.
CTI- Certified Life Coach
Munka Ljungby Folkhögskola ( 2år)
Berghs Skolan, Stockholm. Design Start.



Oils, acrylics & mixed media.


Natural landscapes, the different seasons- storms, rain, snow, sun, sunsets, the sea, fields..

Current projects:

The Other Art Fair, 2020

Click the link above for more information about the exhibition tour!


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