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Vesa Aaltonen is a passionate photographer, observer and artist. He has been working with landscape, city landscape architecture, art reproduction, as well as museum and theatre photography, among other things. Along various commissions, Aaltonen works as an artist photographer and has had several solo and group exhibitions since 1997. He has also been teaching and mentoring numerous workshops. Aaltonen’s works can be found, for example, in the collections of Helsinki,Turku and Tampere City Art Museums.

The starting point for his work is often landscape and nature. While the targets of his photography usually turn up naturally, rudimentary ideation feeds his appetite and determines the direction of the final work. First impressions are important, yet experimenting with subjects is a cornerstone of Aaltonen’s creative work. Sometimes simply light, colour, form, or a detail of the nature is enough to spark Aaltonen’s interest.

It is important to be awake, to reflect on happiness, achievement, loss, fear, and disappointment, but also on hope and life itself. What is truly relevant is the observation of one’s surroundings: looking back from time to time, and then moving on.


Turku, Finland

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Nature, light. colors, art history, architecture

Current projects:

  • Upcoming exhibition Heritage, December 2020, Gallery Joella, Turku Finland
  • Artportable’s Showroom 22/10-2020 

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