Torun Katarina Linge


About me

Life is sacred to me. I let myself be touched and inspired by all life, whether it is humans, animals or nature itself. When I study the seasons of a flower, I also learn something about being human.

From being a small seed, the flower grows, unfolds in all its beauty, and then when the flowering is over folds, withers and dies. I learn from this that everything has its time, there is a time to grow, a time to unfold, a time for flowering, a time to harvest and sooner or later the time on earth is over.

Hinduism relates to three forces. Growth, maintenance and degradation. But what is happening to our beautiful planet now is almost unbearable. It is torn apart without what happens afterwards generating life. It is destroyed into more desert, the loss of diversity and suffering for so many of the earth’s inhabitants and creatures. This is the background for what I create.






  • Einar Granum’s drawing and painting school in Oslo
  • Western Norway Art Academy Bergen


Drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics


The beauty and diversity here on earth. The pain of seeing how we destroy this beautiful blue planet and all the life that lives here. I am also inspired by philosophy and life knowledge


Current exhibitions:

The next exhibition is under construction and will be shown in Ullensaker kunstforening February 2022. The title of the exhibition is Creation and Destruction

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