Susanne Strandänger


About me

Susanne Strandänger is an international award-winning visual artist  with a philantrophy and CSR profile, famous for her colourful creations in Pop Art and surrealism. Her art is distinguished by her intense colour scales that maximize the expression in combination with her mixed media techniques. She is wellknown on the global art scene for her work in series with the same motif but in different colour combinations, as well as her art projects with a deeper message and meaning, like her last glass art project in Murano ”No Aqua, No Vita” .

The Artist’s statement : ”Art for me is a state of soul. I live my Dream, I follow my Heart and I fly”


Marrakech, Stockholm, Venice




  • Visual Arts Studies, ASC College, Atlanta, United States
  • Art History Studies, the University of Stockholm
  • Visual Arts Training, The Gerlesborg School of Fine Arts, Sweden
  • Diploma teacher in Vedic Art, Stockholm
  • Master of Law, University of Stockholm


Painting, mixed media, sculpture, glass art, installations and video.


The fantastic light, the variety in nature, strong colours,  and cultural heritage in Morocco where I have been living most part of the year since 2010. Italy, and especially  beautiful Venice, where I have been privileged to create glass art in Murano the last years.

Not to forget my  lovely hometown Stockholm and picturesque Sandhamn, the island  in the archipelago nearby where I have my summer house and studio by the sea. And of course all the wonderful people I have met and other interesting  cultures I have discovered during my exiting global  life journey.


Upcoming exhibitions:

  • 25th of June until 4th of July 2021, International Contemporary Exhibition  ”COMING OUT” , M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Italy

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