Simon Gustafsson




Im a vivid and very alive happy guy born and raised in the southern parts of Stockholm. I love meeting and connecting with new people from all walks of life. What makes me content and happy in life is when i see that my friends and family are feeling well and are happy. Then as simple as it is,i am happy! And speaking of happy it is also my nickname here in Sweden, ”Glädje”. Art is really something holy and serious for me, it is not a hobby that i engage in. This is a major part of my life and i am so happy that i have the privilege to practice it. Life and Death in playful way sort of.



Besök i ateljé:

Ja. Boka en tid med mig så jag är på plats




Self taught



A mix between acrylic, ink and graffiti with loads of playful neon involved and strong colors is how i love to work!


As_Villian , Banksy , Salvador Dali , Charlie Chaplin , Techno , H.R Grieger ,The Rave Culture, Nintendo , Neon era of the 80s!!!


Current Previous/Exhibition:

As of now i have a selected amount of works hanging at Downtown Stockholm in a cocktail bar called ” Bebida” .
Previously i’ve had a exhibition at a open air nightclub called ”Kvarteret” .

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