Sighvatur Karlsson


About me

I am born 1959 and raised up in Reykjavik, Iceland. I started to paint with oil in 1996 when I attended a week long course in oil painting in Husavik where I was a Lutheran minister for more than thirty years.

I attended a few weekend oil courses in Reykjavík. One of my teachers in Reykjavik helped me to change the colors on my palette. It became more colorful. I used my garage in Husavik as a workshop. When I retired in Husavik 2019 I decided to go to an art school i Reykjavik. That was a wise decision because then I could follow my dream to paint more than ever before and ask for teachers opinion of my work and advise for further development of it.

My teachers have been Soffia Sæmundsdóttir, Daði Guðbjörnsson, Svanborg Matthíasdóttir and Sigtryggur Bjarni Baldvinsson.

The Man on the Box
”The Man on the Box” holds a bible in his hands and he is spreading the word of god which is a living water and a nourishment to those who listen to it. The Bible in the water reminds us on the fact that the message of this book has had a great effect on the world history. Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan. In that sence every running water reminds us on the river Jordan. The big figure should remind us that every human being contains water up to 3/4 and that with out it we can’t live. So the water is neccessary to us all, it sustains life.






  • Theology at the University of Iceland 1980-1986
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic 1992-1993


I use brushes but I also like to use palette knifes. I paint with oil on canvas but I have also painted a few acryl works on canvas.


Icelandic landscape, nature, birds, boats, houses, still life, figures, music and color. I like to think about the connection of music, color and feelings when I paint my new paintings.


Previous exhibitions:

  • Husavik 2012
  • Gallery Oyggin, South Islands, Faroe islands 2012
  • Seltjarnarneskirkja, Reykjavík 2019 An exhibition of 10 paintings, inspired by the book of David and the Bible song music of Antonin Lepold Dvorsak, the Check composer.
  • Hafnarfjarðarkirkja, Hafnarfjörður 2020

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