Rikkemarie Liv Sassersen


About me

My name is Rikkemarie Liv Sassersen and I am a 44 year old woman from Denmark.I live in Bornholm, a small danish Island.
I am a proud mother of 3 wonderful boys.
As a person I am very creative, optimistic, with a great sense of humor.
I see tasks to be solved instead of problems.
I have my own saying: ”always listen to your own heart – it will always know what is best for you”.
I am a multi artist.
In my spare time I love to sing and write poetry, take a walk in the nature, be around my kids and ofcourse create my art.


My wish about my art is that when people look at it they feel something.
Hopefully they get inspired.
”My Art is Alive”


Bornholm, Denmark




When I started to paint on canvas in 2002 I painted with oil colours. I did that in several Years.

I am constantly in a process. Therefore you can see a lot of different styles when you see my art from different years.



I paint mostly with acrylic, but also watercolours, posca pens, and regular pens. I also love to make photo art when I see something special that inspires me.


My everyday inspires me. But also movies, nature, kids, songs and even a piece of fabric can inspire me.

When I stand in front of the white canvas I never know the result of my art piece. I just pick up those colours I need to work with at that very moment.


My exhibitions since 2002:

  • Slagelse Bibliotek (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Nordea Slagelse (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Massør klinik i Slagelse (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Trelleborg Golfklub (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Nordea Høng (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Café Solsikken, Skælskør (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Den Blaa Café, Stillinge Strand (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Glarmester Polle Lindhardt, Skælskør (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Korsør City, Art Auction through 2 years (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Tuse Cafeteria (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Ubby Tandklinik (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Ruds Vedby Sognegård (Sjælland, Denmark)
  • Café Baltic, Rønne (Bornholm, Denmark)
  • Svaneke Censurerede Udstilling through 3 Years (Bornholm, Denmark) (- the last time at this exhibition I was nominated to win an Art Scollership)
  • Den Gyldne Hane, Nexø (Bornholm, Denmark)
  • Rikkemarie-Kunst, Østermarie (Bornholm, Denmark) (My own shop/Gallery)
  • Riksen, Nexø (Bornholm, Denmark) (My own shop)

I have through My Years as an Artist sold my Art to several Countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Greece etc.

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