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About me

Regina Lund is a visual rebel in many ways.

Her whole life is an art statement.
Born into the theatre by director Christian Lund and dancer Sonja Lund she was literally breastfed backstage during The Two penny opera by Bertolt Brecht and then grew up with her grandparents in Gävle, Sweden,  showing her art from the age of 2 and at the age of 4 she attended her first film set, at 6 her librarian grandmother Brita Lund took her to acting classes and Regina Lund became an elite gymnast at 8 and at 11 she was in her first film and at 12 she performed musicals and comedies on stage. At 14 she started drawing in charcoal after a visit to Guggenheim museum in NYC with her grandfather Wiggo Lund. That same year she started supporting herself and her passion for fashion by working in clothes stores and also choreographed fashion shows and sang in show groups parallell to doing very well in school.  Regina Lund was accepted to Law school at 19 and kept dancing, singing and drawing but decided after a couple of months in Law school to go to acting school at 21 and she was accepted to Göteborg Teater och Opera Högskola and has worked as an Actress in theatre, film and TV ever since.

Parallell to her acting career she has written 250 songs, released 25 albums, 4 books and 24 art exhibitions in her name. Regina created her own label Regina Records and her own publishing Regina Says… publishing plus CEO of her own company Regina Lund AB. Regina Lund became a sex symbol and a fashion and style icon straight out of acting school when she was crowned the Marilyn Monroe of Sweden she shaved her head bald as a statement and made her own poetry videos using her own head and face as canvas and in 1995 she did performance art, photo art, collage work on canvas. Regina Lund, in one of her performances Baptisted herself in the Swedish traditional dish Blueberry soup poring it over her head on national television ”In the name of the Vagina, the Penis and the holy Orgasm”. (svart eller vitt, TV4 , 1995)

In 1996 she played a police student in a tv series and made her character with blue lipstick, neck tattoos and a whole new tomboy look that created a rebel like fashion. Many are the hairdos Regina created , one for each album. Reginas first art exhibition was called REBIRTH and she exposed her abilities since birth if clairvoyance amongst other gifts and her spiritual sides inmurade also in her art. Regina Lund also married herself as a performance to inspire people to follow their Dreams and be true to themselves and that marriage is according to Regina ”still faithful, it’s a battle but its a great marriage, its definitely worth it, I have a secret lover from time to time and cheat on myself but I always come back to me.” Regina continued, ”I have this tree outside a music studio in northern Sweden where I record that I call my boyfriend at times… but it’s a long distance relationship and we both know it can”t last.” Regina does not like endings so she did a performance with marsipan pigs bottoms calling it ”Till enda – det enda goda slutet” ( To the end- the only Happy ending).

Regina Lund’s biography ”Jag är Regina Lund” (” I am Regina Lund”) is out Now read by herself and the new Regina Lund 2020 album is called ”This song Will set you free” , the album contains the Swedish song ”Vara ditt hav” ( To be your ocean) , that is also the name of her next exhibition where she just like at her exhibition ” Tid ” (”Time”) in 2015 has a song inspire each art piece.

” Everything is part of my art, my music, my lyrics,  my poetry, my books, my words, albums, the characters I play, the perfume I wear,  the makeup, the no make-up, the hair, the no hair, clothes I wear (design), my travels, my interaction with humans, animals, nature- all of my life, the blood running through my veins- all is art and art is all. My life is my greatest piece of art that I will have created during this specific lifetime”.

–  Regina Lund

Participations & Donations

Regina Lund has during her career as an artist donated many paintings and her work to numerous organisations and charities and to mention a few causes:

  • Children’s rights
  • Cancer research
  • Animal rights
  • Greenpeace
  • Amnesty
  • Amazon Watch
  • Cancer research
  • Aids research
  • Djurens Rätt
  • Sports clubs
  • Speak up (Against bullying)
  • Friends
  • Barncancerfonden
  • Plan Sverige
  • Cancerfonden
  • Cancerrehabfonden
  • Saving Dolphins
  • Ocean Cleanup





Se fler målningar:



  • Göteborgs Teater och Opera Högskola
  • Konstutbildning av min farfar Wiggo Lund sen jag var 2,5 år; han var advokat och konstuppköpare och kunnig inom konst och visade mig all världens konst.


Använder det som finns i min närhet, det jag trillar över i livet just då. Har mest ställt ut icke-figurativ akryl på duk men även ställt ut kol teckningar, figurativ konst, foton, foto kollage, skyltdockor, diktsamlingar, album omslag, musik och Performance Art med min egen kropp, jord, flaggor, bandspelare, potatis, koffert, kläder, kalaspuffar och blåbärssoppa.


Mitt liv.


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