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Om mig

Im Przemek with the artist name Soim 501, I was born in Tychy Poland in 1983, unexpectedly my life led me to Finland where I live and create my paintings and graphics. I like to work with watercolors and acrylic paints, because I’m a happy dad of two boys, my life is full of happy moment s that inspire me to create.

Im painter who is representing every year artworks in many group exhibitions and in my own solo exhibitions as well. I think I am a painter of passion, to colors, materials, techniques, new experiences. I love to try and test and learn more and more where I can get.

I have always been running my hands somewhere between the graffiti wall and a piece of paper, canvas or wood, it can be a glass or plastic, the most important thing is to create something.


Kerava, Finland.

Besök i ateljé:

I have a studio in Kerava Finland. Address Kalevan nuorisotila Hakki Loitsutie 1, 04230 Kerava.

If someone would like to come visit studio please send me a message ar call for appointment and available dates.




I graduated from elementary and professional school.
Profession : Locksmith.
When I was in technical school, unfortunately due to family reasons I had to stop the school and go to work. Everything that I have achieved in the fields of painting and omnipresent art around me, I have learned myself. I can say in a sense that painting has saved my life.


I love to create in many techniques and not be closed only in one. I create watercolors, acrylic, oil, graphics, graffiti and all other works related to large-format painting.


The most inspirational for me are the feelings and colors around me. I have always been interested in everything that is associated with creating a form and building a picture using color. Very strong propulsion power is the moment and operation with space or base without much thought or design.

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