Pia Lilenthal


About me

I live and breathe colors and shapes in everything I see. It’s like a borderless vivid hurricane spinning in my head all the time. New ideas in a constant flow. Inspiration comes from pictures, a song, a film, a discussion, a rusty tin can, the color of a bird’s peak, could be anything. And then it grows for days, weeks, leaving behind sketches, color combinations, Photoshop documents for alternative composition and a playlist with suitable music. Call it mood board and sample board. For me it’s to set direction. I buy papers, new brushes, pens and clean up the studio. My orchestra of instruments is set. Time to get started.

I put a lot of love in the backgrounds, always a steady and well-worked base. I use mixed media, layers on layers, watercolor and screen print most of the time, often shades close to each other with details visible only when you get close. I also work with stencils and spray paint. I’m currently exploring acrylic mixed with screenprint on canvas. I use stencils and acrylic paint, guess they don’t teach you that in art schools but no ones around to tell the rules so I keep on going. My motifs often have an air of freedom and power with a spark of humor. Guess it mirrors who I am.

Some days I walk the streets like an ordinary person. That’s when I share my visual ideas in graphic design, visual merchandising, interior design or making art to be printed on marzipan for cakes. Visual creativity comes in so many shapes.


Stockholm and Dalecarlia, Sweden

Studio visits:

Yes. Book a time with me for visits.

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Screenprint and spray paint + stencils mixed with watercolor or acrylic.


Street Art

Current projects:

  • A selection of my paintings will be shown in Artportable’s windows from June 23 til July 6.
  • Next exhibition will be at Uppsala Slott, starting September 16.

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