Päivyt Niemeläinen

Visual artist, MA

About me

Visual artist, MA Päivyt Niemeläinen is living and working in Helsinki, Finland. First, she graduated as a textile artist. Her studies in fine art, art history, ethnology, and archeology give a rich background for her artistic expression. Oil paintings, watercolors, and mixed media technics are her main methods. She is familiar with prehistoric rock painting techniques and applies them in a contemporary expression. Her three-dimensional structural works are made with recycled materials.

She has made current anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression.
Her works have been shown in 21 countries. Solo exhibitions in Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and the USA. Photos of her artworks have been published in several international art books.


Helsinki, Finland

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Textile artist, MA, Artist


Most of my works are oil paintings, mixed media relief paintings, or aquarelles. Recently, I have made installations. Especially I like to use recycled material as well in my relief paintings as in my installations. The old great stories have been in my interest.


For this collection, I have chosen nature-themed relief works and oil paintings of the theme Carmen. Finland’s nordic nature, people, and old great stories are inspiring me.


Latest exhibition

Gallery Micro Arti Visive. Rome, Italy. 24-31 October 2020


Upcoming exhibition

Galleria DIX and Galleria Fogga. Helsinki, Finland. December 2020

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