Niusha Khanmohammadi


About me

My name is Niusha, in Farsi, it means “wise listener”. Whether this is accurate or not, I leave this to the discretion of my loved ones.

Born and raised in Sweden with Iranian heritage, contrasts from two very different cultures have been an important pillar in my upbringing. Drawing and painting have been my means of expression for as long as I can remember. For the last six years, I have been traveling the world and living in different countries while working in the field of human rights. This has taken me to places where my thoughts on identity, culture, and belonging have been challenged. By living in different cultures, connecting with others, and gaining new perspectives, my art expresses my experiences and feelings as they evolve. The colors are my emotions dancing over the canvas, the brush is the tool to give them shape. Currently, in Sarajevo, I am looking forward to new adventures and to see where life will take me next.

I let emotions characterize my art and am always looking for new perspectives, to immerse within different cultures, and to establish inspiring connections with people. I am now very intrigued to see what future surprises life will offer me and the influences they will have on my art.



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  • BA Political Science, Stockholm University
  • MA Human Rights, Uppsala University
  • Art: Self Taught
  • l


    Aquarelle, ink and coal on paper


    Traveling, music, nature, philosophy

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