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About me

How it started:
I am an Azerbaijani-Danish artist living in Denmark, Copenhagen. Like many people I have been drawing since I was a little girl. My favourite thing was drawing my dreams and imaginations. At the age of 17, I had private classes in oil painting and sketching by famous Azerbaijani artists. I was mostly drawing flowers and fruits, that I would set up as still life motives. Besides that, I was studying colours and technical drawings of buildings as an architecture student in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Because of converting to Christianity my family and I had to escape from Azerbaijan and moved to Norway. The Norwegian nature was so breathtaking, that I would paint the same nature motive up to several times. Due to immigration rules in Norway, I moved to Denmark. Longing for my family and country was a difficult time to get through if not for art and for faith in God. In my 20’s my figurative motives turned to be more abstract and more experimenting, especially when considering media. I was introduced to conceptual art, religious art, and so on.

Present time:
I love exploring many ways of expressing through artistic media. Nowadays I am back to ink-drawings. I use it as art-based research of languages, using proverbs from different languages, or for researching lyrics of my favourite bands. Besides ink-drawings, I am working on making sculptures and applied art out of wastes and plastic bags. I want to raise awareness of how waste and plastic bags often end up harming the environment. Thus sculptures reduced price, I use sustainable materials that otherwise would be thrown away.





Social media:



  • 2013-2017 (KA) Material Culture and Education


Mixed media


Nature, film and music

Previous exhibitions:

  • 2020 – Solo-exhibition of book illustrations at release of the book “Tålmodighed” by Niels Nymann Eriksen published at Akademisk forlag. Saxogade 13 Apostelkirken, Copenhagen
  • 2020 – Solo-exhibition at Zahles Gymnasium, Copenhagen
  • 2020 – Exhibition at Monday-Studios (re)opening, Copenhagen2020 – Exhibition at TheGallery8680, Texas2020 – Exhibition “Aptitude”, Envision Arts, Texas, USA2020 – Exhibition at Kvina Kunstnarlaug, Feda, Norway
  • 2020 – Online Fine Arts Museum Museo de Arte Online
  • 2020 – 2019 – Nordic Fest, Oslo, Norway2018 – Art exhibition, Copenhell (Denmarks largest rock and metal festival)2017 – Nordic Fest, Oslo, Norway
  • 2016 – Best artists of Vesterbro, Råhuset
  • 2015 – Gallery Artkemi, Rørholmsgade2014 – Student exhibition ”Alt er velsignet” at Copenhagen Art school2013 – Samsun Music School – Art Center, Turkey
  • 2011, 2012 and 2008 – Solo exhibition ”Fremmed?”. Åbne atelieer, Member of Kunst2100
  • 2010 – Gallery Hornslet, Donation to Kirkens Korshærs work with homeless people
  • 2009 – Art and Piano, Utsikten ArtCenter, Kvinesdal, Norway.
  • 2008 – Art exhibition and concert at Utsikten Art center, Kvinesdal, Norway.
  • 2004 – Solo exhibition, at Kunstberget, Molde. Norway
  • 2003 – Solo exhibition ”Sketches” at Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Selected Art Project:

  • 2020 – Music on children level, Colab.with Kvinesdal Kulturskole, Norway. Financed by NOPA
  • 2019 – Paper workshop Colab with State chruch, Kulturværksted Dagmar og Børn og tro.
  • Financed by Vesterbros Lokaludvalg og Vesterbro bykirke, Denmark
  • 2019 – Poster for an underground festival and scene decoration
  • 2018 – ”Talk Town”, Live Painting
  • 2017 – Writing on a priests office wall, Copenhagen
  • 2016 – Total installation, Light-concert for ”Earth Hour”
  • 2016 – Creative evenings at a place for people with psykological challenges. Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • 2014 – Passions play ”Når mørket lyser” , Apostelkirken
  • 2015 – Monster-workshop. Co-lab with Statechurch and Kulturværksted Dagmar og Børn og tro. Financed by Vesterbros Lokaludvalg og Vesterbro bykirke
  • 2012 og 2017 Paper workshop & video-teaser for a festival “117 stemmer” in leadership of dramaturg og writer Michael Svennevig
  • 2010 – Decoration of Sindshvile Missionshouse, Frederiksberg 2010 – Decoration of Apostel- church, Copenhagen

Awards and honourable mentions:

  • 2020 – Honourable mention at Art in Earth Mother II, Envision Arts
  • 2012 – Winner of a censored art exhibition, Galleri Projekt

Upcoming projects:

  • “Ingen skaber alene” – a collaboration with visual artists Michala Norup and Malene Jork-Heide-
  • Jørgensen . A visual art storytelling about Apostelchurch, Apostelkirken København.

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