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My work experience is in marketing and PR. I was the marketing director for the unique Blue Lagoon Iceland. Before that I was the head of PR for Siminn, the largest telecommunication company in Iceland. In my thirties I worked for four years as a TV and radio journalist for Channel 2 in Iceland.

My inspiration has always been to use my creative talent whether it is in communication, text writing or visualizing the story of a marketing campaign. I have three daughters that I love spending time with. I enjoy traveling around the world and experiencing new adventures with friends and family. I like gourmet food and good wine and my goal is to experience all kinds of cultures. In my twenties I lived in Saudi-Arabia, working as a flight attendant – my need to travel became evident.


Gardabaer, Iceland




  • B.Ed. from the University of Iceland.
  • Diploma in Journalism from the University of Iceland.
  • Diploma in Branding from London Business School.


I use graphic design by combining letters in a name and precious documents – as the foundation. The letters become kind of a sign for the person who has the name. The name part in the design is ”my name” – the document is the ”my story” part.


I design to preserve. My inspiration is precious documents; my daughter’s birth certificates, their sonar pictures which fade in time, a marriage certificate, a blueprint of a home etc. I admire how the alphabet’s letters can become a personal sign for each person by my design.

Current exhibitions:

  • I do not exhibit my work. Each piece is unique and is made to order.

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