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About me

I’ve been painting all my life and I’ve always had a dream, becoming a full time artist. Watercolour is my main medium and, one of, the “love of my life” for over 30 years. The other one is my husband! This summer 2019 I took the step towards my dream, and now, I’m doing it!! I have to pinch my arm! I’m selling original paintings, Fine Art Prints, doing commissions and holding workshops. I love holding workshops and it’s a privilege to se the light in the eyes of the participants when the understand that “nothing is impossible” when it comes to painting water colour. Born, raised and still living in Östersund, the north of Sweden, I’ve spend a lot of time in the mountains and by the lake of Storsjön. It’s a natural source of inspiration for me in many of my paintings. Although I need to paint my inner landscape as well. The inner “space” and mysterious shapes. I paint everything that inspires me, often in themes. City life, nature, still-life, portraits. You can’t put me in a box! That will never happen! O yes you can. I forgot about the light and shadow box. You can use that one! I’m standing here with my arms out, thinking, “theres no end to the possibilities!! Bring it!!”


Östersund, Sweden

Studio visits:

Yes. Book a time with me for visits.

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Mainly self taught

Previous exhibitions:

  • KulTorvalladagen, Samlingsutställning. 1998 och 1999
  • Folket hus, konsthyllan, separatutställning. 1999
  • FRIKOS samtliga utställningar (vårsalong,
  • höstsalong, sommarutställningar och övr.) 1999 – 2006, 2017- fort
  • Folketshus, konsthyllan 2000
  • Galleri Tängtorpet, samlingsutställning. 2000
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Separatutställning. 2001
  • Persåsen. Separatutställning. 2002
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Samlingsutställning. Ko-rum. 2002
  • Mikrogallerian, Torvalla. Separatutställning. 2002
  • Mikrogallerian, Torvalla. Separatutställning. 2004
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Samlingsutställning. Ko-rum. 2006
  • Galleri Tängtorpet, separatutställning ”Fäbodliv” 2006
  • Jamtli, samutställning, 2017
  • Eco Caféet, separatutställning 2017
  • Fabriano Italien, samlingsutställning (katalog) 2018
  • Akvart Galleria, Helsingfors, samlingutst. 2018
  • Hara Brygga, separatutställning 2018
  • Svenssons Kafe, separatutställning 2018
  • Jamtli Exercishall Norr, designmarknad 2018
  • Eco Caféet, separatutställning 2018
  • Designmässan, Östersund 2018
  • Hem & Villamässa, Östersund 2019
  • Växtvaruhuset Östersund 2019
  • IWS Finland, Jurrybedömd utställning 2019
  • Samlingsutställning, Stocketitt 2019
  • Kiropraktor Göran Haak, samverkan o utställn 2019
  • Konsthuset, Åre 2019
  • Lodge & Lya, Vemdalen 2019
  • Eco Cafeet, separatutställning 2019
  • Galleri Rene’, samlingsutställning 2019


Water colour, mixed media


Everything! Light and shadows! Cities, nature, mountains, people, animals, inner “space”. Other artists like Anders Zorn, Alvaro Castanget, Lars Lerin, Björn Bernström mfl


Current projects:

  • EcoCafeet 2019 solo exhibition
  • Art Expo in New York 23-26 april 2020,
  • 7-8 more inhibitions in 2020 mainly in Sweden
  • 5 -6 work shops in the south and in the north of Sweden

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