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About me

Marie Andersson is a self-taught international, full time, watercolor artist from Östersund in the north of Sweden and she´s been sketching and painting her whole life. Marie has attended exhibitions in Sweden and internationally since 1998.

It is the love for the watercolor that makes it here main medium for over 30 years. “I still learn new ways to paint, every day. It’s such a joy to be on this journey, exploring watercolours!” Marie is selling original paintings, Fine Art Prints, doing commissions and holding workshops. “I love holding workshops and it’s a privilege to see the light in the eyes of the participants when they understand that “nothing is impossible, and nothing is wrong” when it comes to painting watercolour. It is the end result that matters.”

Born, raised and still living in Östersund, in the north of Sweden, she spent a lot of time in the Swedish mountains and by the lake of Storsjön. It is a natural source of inspiration in many of her wonderful paintings. Painting the snowy mountains is one of her specialities. The way she is capturing the special Nordic winter light is amazing. Marie says: When painting a big painting like this it feels like I’m inside the painting and I’m at the sight. It’s like doing a time travel! Marie paint everything that inspires her, plain air, and in the studio from photos and from memories, often in themes. Among the paintings you can find the snowy mountains, city life, landscape, still-life, portraits. Marie also does abstracts; -I need to paint my inner landscape, the inner “space” and mysterious shapes.” You cannot put Marie in a box! She says that the four things that is important to her is: the light, the light, the shadows and values.

Upcoming workshops: Sweden, France, Marocco and more
Upcoming exhibitions: New York- USA, Florence – Italy, Fabriano – Italy, Sweden and more

Don’t hesitate to contact me: makvarell@gmail.com  +46702776606


Östersund, Sweden

Studio visits:

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Se fler målningar:



Mainly self taught



Water colour, mixed media


Everything! Light and shadows! Cities, nature, mountains, people, animals, inner “space”. Other artists like Anders Zorn, Alvaro Castanget, Lars Lerin, Björn Bernström mfl

Previous exhibitions:

  • KulTorvalladagen, Samlingsutställning 1998 och 1999
  • Folket hus, konsthyllan, separatutställning 1999
  • Radisson SAS hotell. Frikos vinterland 1999
  • Länsbiblioteket, FRIKO 2000
  • Radisson SAS hotell. Frikos Vårsalong 2000
  • Stocke titt, Frösön, Friko 2000
  • Folketshus, konsthyllan, Läkarkonferens 2000
  • Folketshus, konsthyllan, Frikos höstsalong 2000
  • Galleri Tängtorpet, samlingsutställning 2000
  • Kulturhuset i Järpen. Friko 2000
  • Årekonstnärerna. Friko 2000
  • Radisson SAS. Frikos Vinterland 2000
  • Folketshus, konsthyllan. Frikos Vårsalong 2001
  • Verkö slott & Tomé. Friko 2001
  • Björknäsgården. Friko 2001
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Separatutställning 2001
  • Radisson SAS. Frikos vårsalong 2002
  • Verkö slott. Friko 2002
  • Persåsen. Separatutställning 2002
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Samlingsutställning. Ko-rum 2002
  • Mikrogallerian, Torvalla. Separatutställning 2002
  • Mikrogallerian, Torvalla. Separatutställning 2004
  • Galleri Tängtorpet. Samlingsutställning. Ko-rum 2006
  • Galleri Tängtorpet, separatutställning ”Fäbodliv” 2006
  • Jamtli, samutställning 2017
  • Eco Caféet, separatutställning 2017
  • Hotell Emma, Friko 2017
  • Fabriano Italien, samlingsutställning (katalog) 2018
  • Akvart Galleria, Helsingfors, samlingsutställning 2018
  • Hotell Emma, Friko 2018
  • Hara Brygga, separatutställning 2018
  • Stocketitt, Friko 2018
  • Svenssons Kafe, separatutställning 2018
  • Kärnan, pop-up, Friko 2018
  • Jamtli Exercishall Norr, designmarknad 2018
  • Eco Caféet, separatutställning 2018
  • Designmässan, Östersund 2018
  • Hus & Villamässa, Östersund 2019
  • Hotell Emma, Friko 2019
  • Växtvaruhuset Östersund 2019
  • IWS Finland (international watercolor fair) 2019
  • Samlingsutställning, Stocketitt 2019
  • Kiropraktor Göran Haak, samverkan och utställning  2019
  • Konsthuset i Åre 2019
  • Lodge & Lya i Vemdalen 2019
  • Ecocafeet, separatutställning 2019
  • Galleri Reneé, Östersund, samlingsutställning  2019
  • Good morning hotel, Varberg 2020
  • Konsthuset, Åre 2020
  • Stadshotellet, Kristianstad 2020
  • ArtExpo New York Posponed to 2021 due too Covid-19
  • New York Art center 2020
  • Artefact, New York 2020
  • ArtUpClose, New York 2020
  • IWS Polen (international watercolor society) 2020
  • Fabriano in Aquarello 2020
  • Scandic, Karlskrona 2020
  • KulTur, Jämtland 2020
  • Almhaga Art Gallery 2020
  • Scandic Hallandia, Halmstad 2020
  • Kulturfyren, Artportable 2020
  • Cupolen, Birsta 2020
  • Cuore Di Donna, Italien 2020
  • Museum Art Gallery Mumbai 2020
  • Art Rome, Centro d’ arte cultura Verum, Rome 2020
  • Stora Ensos 2020
  • Teaterhotellets konstgalleri Malmö 2020

Previous exhibitions:


  • Östersunds polishus 1999
  • Östersunds kommun 2002
  • Italien, Hotel Tenuta Delle Ripalte 2019

Current projects:

Kommande kurser

  • Wångens wärdshus  22-24 jan 2021
  • Enaforsholms fjällgård 19-21 feb 2021
  • Åkersjönsfjällhotell  21-23 maj 2021
  • Birka Folkhögskola 28 juni- 2 juli 2021
  • Tallbo, Gävle juni 2021
  • Södergården i Undersåker, Åre 30 sep-3 okt
  • Marocco 13-21 oktober 2021

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