Maria Järund


About me

Photography and the love of animals have been accompanying me forever it seems. Initially people were my main target.

When the digital world entered I lost interest for a while, as everyone became a photographer in one way or another.
A safari trip to Uganda about 10 years ago changed everything, I switched focus to the animal world and got hooked.
I adore the landscape and wildlife, particularly East Africa and the arctic regions, but travels have taken me to Brazil and China as well.

Ordinarily I work as a doctor with ENT as my specialty.


Stockholm, Sweden

Contact info:



Darkroom classes in the early years, and during the later years self-taught by listening, watching and trying alongside photographers more experienced than myself.


Canon 1dx Mark ll, Canon 7D Mark ll. Prints primarily on Fine art paper


Nature itself, Brutus Östling and other international wildlife photographers.

Current projects:

An exhibition was planned in May 2020 in Stockholm, but due to the current crisis it will have to be postponed.

  • Two gold medals in the Gran Prix, Kamera&Bild 2019. Shared second place as Photographer of the year

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