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We (Marco and Nicole) got to know each other in 1994 during a summer vacation with our parents in Spain. You often hear it, people say it a lot: ”a holiday love only lasts a while”. In 2005 we said yes to each other. Sterre was our oldest daughter born in 2007 and in 2010 she became the big sister of Yara.

In 2017 we (the Pieren family) moved to a small house on a hill with 4 hectares of land. Surrounded by beautiful nature in Boteå, in the province of Västernorrland in the middle of Sweden.

Marco has worked in the security industry for many years. In 2013 he changed course and has retrained himself as a cameraman and filmmaker. Soon a Drone arrived. The interest to get everything in view from a different angle became ever greater. Marco has specialized further in this field, pilot training for drones has been completed and Fields Flygfoto has become a fact in Sweden. Developments in this branch are going fast and are closely monitored through further training.

Nicole has a lot of experience in organizing and facilitating various events. In the future we want to hold exhibitions at our garden to bring people and nature together in the middle of nature.

Nicole’s big hobby is photography, preferably on the road on the back of one of the horses. We live in a fairytale-like environment that surprises us from various angles with pure beauty.
Capturing images is our passion and comes from our hearts.
Through our print service, we can print photos up to A2 format on different types of paper and canvas.

We distribute many photos and videos via social media. And on our website we have various blogs about our lives here in the North.

Our life lessons and a very broad employment history form the foundation of our company ”Fields Sweden”. Here we want to build an independent life as a family. Offering accommodation where people, animals and nature come together.
Independent existence means setting up a company for us and providing for our own livelihood. ”Fields”, the name of our company, originated galloping across the fields in the Netherlands on the back of our family horse Tonaco. Fields, the English translation of fields come in many shapes and sizes, full of possibilities. Sweden was added later because we live in this country. Our business philosophy, doing what we enjoy! Through our blogs we gladly take you on a journey through our lives.
Grow opportunities – Fields Sweden – a way of living.



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