Manon Cederroth


About me

I am a 37 year old woman from Geneva, Switzerland, mother of three children. Thanks to my husband’s work, we have been lucky to be able to live in New York, now in Sweden for 8 years and soon England.

I have always expressed myself using art, whether through dance, photography or drawing or painting. Drawing has always been part of my life: gray pencils for portraits, then charcoal and red chalk for nudes, testing pastels when drawing landscapes or Marc Chagall’s paintings, and lately the adoption of POSCA markers and my debutes using watercolor.

I thought that I was only able to reproduce on paper what I saw, and unable to represent my mind or my thoughts, until the day when a personal approach lead me to project my feelings and represent in images of lived experiences that now accompany me on this long journey.

During this project, I continued to explore other techniques and other themes. I wanted to dissect various current or historical subjects, to represent tales, passions or personalities, that most particularly touched me. In my social media pages, we can clearly distinguish my different impulses and the path I travel in and discover.

Through my art, I want to be able to convey messages with drawings and paintings, like a singer uses lyrics. I don’t want to only display a few pretty melodies without intentions, or a text that simply blends perfectly with it. I want to be able to compose ideas and messages, and tell lived experiences using the melody of brushes or markers.


Norrtälje, Sweden

Contact info:



Self-educated in drawing and painting


Drawing: POSCA pens
Painting: Watercolor (aquarelle)


Lucy Bumpkin
Marc Chagall
Le Douanier Rousseau
Amedeo Modigliani
Vassily Kandisky
Marina Abramovic
B. Biolay
JJ Goldman
S. Gainsbourg



Current projects:

  • Exhibition:
    Lions Clup Rimbo: 9-10 May 2020

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