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About me

Welcome to my universe of colors. I am Maja Dror, a Danish-Israeli artist living in Denmark. I used to work as a consultant, but Covid-19 turned my life upside down. I began painting only because I isolated myself in a cottage and could not find anything else worthwhile to do, but I have not looked back since!

Art is a therapeutic process, which allows me to explore and understand my feelings. It is an art form that constantly encourages me to challenge my perspectives visually and viscerally. When I paint, I imagine myself a curious and playful explorer, so I never want to limit my work to one medium, style or theme. That is why the viewer will discover a great diversity in my artwork, from simple female portraits to colorful and morphing renderings of landscapes and objects.





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My inspiration is drawn from my curiosity to challenge how we perceive the world. Nothing has to be static, and things that immediately appear contradictory can often work to supplement each other! I love complementary contrasts, and they are the driving force of my work. They allow me to show how opposites and differences can work together and reach new heights. My dream is to show how beautiful everything can be if we allow these combinations into our everyday lives.


Current Exhibitions:

June 18th – July 18th, 2021. Galería Azur, Madrid, Spain.

June 25th – July 07th, 2021. M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy.

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