Louise Stjernborg

Jewelry maker

About me

I have freelanced as a knitting designer, painted paintings in oil and acrylic, but found my canvas in the making of unique jewelry.
In addition to having a doctorate in cell biology with it’s scientific focus, I have always been fascinated by the cell shapes and wonderful microscope images in all colors. This inspiration is translated into my design.

I have no formal education in the arts, however, over the years, I have taken many courses that have brought me to where I am today. For example, silver smithing for several years, experimental jewelry design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, polymer clay courses with people that are leaders in the area, such as Donna Kato and Cara Jane.


Mölndal, Sweden

Contact info:



I have no formal education in the arts, but driven by my passion for creating, I have over the years attended many different courses that have taken me to what I do today.


I move between several different techniques, even though my two main medias are polymer clay and polystyren plastic. These I combine with ink or watercolor painting, or with pyrography.


I have a doctorate in cell biology and have always been fascinated by organic forms and colors. This is really the oxygen of my life; that I, in one way or another, work with colors and shapes.

Current projects:

  • My jewelry  is sold at WOS in Gothenburg and Stockholm

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