Linda Abrahamsson


About me

My name is Linda Abrahamsson! I was born in Filipstad in Sweden 1973! I have my own business and have been an artist since the age of fourteen. I lived in Switzerland for seventten years, as well as Spain and Italy.

For me art is they way i speak, from the heart and soul! It is about finding peace and equilibrium. I reach out to those who have lost faith in life. I fight against racism and violence against women. And i fight for the right to be different! My art has been featured at exhibitions in Switzerland and also in Sweden, mostly in my own galleri!

I do not practice any particular technique. I create oil paintings from the soul! I love talking to people with my paintings, like visual poetry. Healing the world is a long way but maybe i found one person i could help!

Finally, I’m a proud mother of four and love skiing and gardening. I also collect David Austin Roses.

Love and Peace Liinda


Filipstad, Sweden








For me art is they way i speak, from the heart and soul!

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