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About me

I was born as a painter in October 2018 in the mountains of Spain, a week of silence in a women’s convent. In daily life I am Lina – a mother of three, graphic designer, working mostly with my own projects, business women and so on. This is my social character who lives a traditional life unconventionally in human reality, and in truth, when the sun goes down, I am the mystic Zeila; a cosmic traveller, daughter of the wind, born and raised by the Baltic Sea.

As far as I can remember, I always walked on the cliffs of life and looked at the world through the eyes of a bit crazy artist. Then I discovered the concept of “holy madness”. The crazy genius is an integral part of my being, which unfolds in various fragments, in different timelines. In the signs of this existence I find messages from my soul addressed to myself, delivered from the past to the present and vice versa. Creativity is a reflection of my experiences. It is my curiosity – what lies beyond sight? I want to touch with my hand a boundary between consciousness and the subconscious. The journey of my life is an experiment in knowing the universe and its cosmic laws through my inner person and the geometry of its existence.


Lillestrøm, Norway

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  • 2004 “Fish eye” movement.
  • 2005 Graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a master’s degree.
  • 2018 Nydalen kunstskole i Oslo.
  • 2018 Kate expressive art Lab i Oslo.
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    Acrylic painting, airbrush spry, ink… Mixed technique. I like to experiment with technique. Colours, patterns are dictated by mood – I don’t know why I pick one or another.


    My inner journeys through mountains, through countries, through poverty, through pain, through childhood – everything that happens on Earth right now – are reflected.

    Current projects:

    • Debut painting exhibition, I am – ZEiLA. October 13-31. 2019 GODÒ Gallery in Vilnius
      Working with new painting exibition ”Milky way” Exibition will finde a place in 2021.

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