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Lara Sanna is an Italian visual artist based in Sweden, where she worked as both art consultant, exhibition curator and visual art teacher. Lara’s deep love for Fine Arts has taken its form in Art Photography, a parallel activity that brought her artworks on exhibitions and publication.
Lara’s visual research is based on the application of the technical aspect of the media into the art historical world.
Currently is Lara working with the concepts of Beauty, and Essence, represented into two series:

– \”Beauty will save us-Impression(ism) of Landscapes.
A project started with the necessity to see and perceive the beauty around, taking Impressionism as art historical reference, to recreate the painting language into the photo media. The need became an emergency in a dystopic depicted world, where aggressivity, speed, screaming voices, and anger are negotiating life. The dialogue between serenity, tranquillity, low voices tones, nature, and light, intersects with old constructions — an ode of peace. The project has been developed in both France and Sweden.\”

– \”The Essence of the Absence is a project without a tangible start.
It is instead a collection of images depicting the absence as a form of purity which bring the objects, the moment, the physical space, to the essence.
Minimalism with recognizable objects and places. Minimalism without abstraction, which searches the essence still keeping the figurative world alive. The project is still in progress.\”






Degree in Fine Arts, “Liceo Artistico di Cagliari”.
Degree in Art History, “Università di Cagliari”.
Researcher at the University of Iceland.
Master degree in Museology, University of Lund.


Photographic technique.


Art history.


Solo exhibition: UFO Bar, Paris, 27 Juli
Project: Nordic artists with multicultural background- artist voices into the public debate.

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