Laila Hynninen


About me

This all is digital art. As base I use photos taken by myself and until now I have been using only PicsArt (free version) for my works. I am not so interested in technical perfection, in reality, the only thing that matters to me is to follow my instinct, to get surprised or ”to get to the point”. Mostly, there is a dialogue between word and image. That is why I use to put titles on my works. (The titles can not be seen here, but you can see them in my digital exhibition.) I am also a poet. I would say that, if I do not want to express something through words, I make a picture, or vice versa.


Helsinki, Finland

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Digital art based on my own photos


Anything; shapes, shadows, natural elements, objects, perspective

Current projects:

  • Digital art and poetry exhibition for tablet users on my website.
    Dreaming of collaboration possibilities with an electrical engineer and a lamp designer.

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