Kim Weber Priesum


About me

I am 69 years old, raised near Copenhagen. I am educated as a teacher and worked for a number of years as a teacher. For the past 30 years I have worked with translation of computer software and related IT materials. I now enjoy working full time as a visual artist.

Throughout the years, I have drawn, painted and been interested in producing art and images. Previously it was mostly using ink and watercolor with a focus on illustrations in books and newspapers, but now I paint mostly with acrylic and oil on canvas.

The inspiration and motifs for the paintings come from the many travels around the world, from nature and from exciting architecture. I am very interested in refining and trying out new techniques. My paintings are mostly figuratively abstract with a bit of surrealism. The paintings are usually kept in clear colors, but I also experiment with the use of sponges, cloths and other techniques that can give other interesting expressions. I am happy to receive assignments where the color choice, size and theme suit your specific wishes and circumstances. Please visit my website for latest paintings and news.









Acrylic on canvas


Nature, architecture, travels and history.


Upcoming exhibitions:

  • ArtNordic 2021 November

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