Karin Kabbelgaard


About me

I am living in Denmark North Zealand’s beautiful nature. Here I run Stormsvalen Nature Store & Gallery together with my husband Aage. In the gallery I exhibit my paintings throughout the year. In the shop we have a large selection of bird-related items, such as nest boxes, feeding boards, books and binoculars. Especially special are our handmade feed houses in cork.

I have been drawing and painting always, and I am now in the happy situation that I have been able to paint full time for the last 8 years.

I feel deeply rooted in the landscapes I find myself in every day. The light and the change of seasons together with the bird’s form make the basis for my motif choices.

 The deep landscapes both by the sea and beyond the fields. The diversity of colours of the seasons, rolling mature fields sprinkled with poppies and cornflowers and the new ploughed chocolate coloured soil with ochre yellow stumps from the summer autumn – calm and restless skies changing in a myriad of fine shades, the sea with its myriad of colours depending on how the light is – it’s all for constant inspiration for my paintings.

Of more recent date, bird portraits are also a motif I have great pleasure in creating. Through my husband’s passion for birds, he has been an ornithologist for 50 years, I have opened my eyes to these charming creatures and have gradually made a large number of small bird paintings. 


Hundested, Denmark

Studio visit:

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday




  • 2 years education at Copenhagen Art School on Jagtvejen
  • 2 summers art classes in Florence at the Michael Angel Academy


Naturalism, impressionism, and expressionism


Landscapes, contrasts between light and shadow, reflections in water, birds


Previous exhibitions:

  • Stormsvalen Gallery, Nødebovejen 89, 3390 Hundested, Denmark
  • Adventskirken,  Church in Copenhagen
  • Hillerød Hospital
  • Hans Egede church, Copenhagen
  • Art association Ge9us, Copenhagen
  • Art association AF, Copenhagen
  • Art association NordVest, Copenhagen
  • Art association IMI Nordgren A/S, Copenhagen

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